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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Divorce and Custody Battles: Make sure your lawyer knows how to fight!
Divorce and Custody Battles: Make sure your lawyer knows how to fight!
As a single parent who has gone through a divorce and custody battle, Jim Sharon Bearden, Jr. knows what you are going through. 
Handling family law, divorce and related issues, requires not just legal skill, but compassion for families in crisis. At the Bearden Law Firm, we understand that any divorce involving children is not simple, and we know that divorcing parents may have life-long contact with each other through their lives because of the children. We do everything we can to ease the emotional distress that family members face, to protect the best interests of children, and to settle the issues amicably.  However, there comes a time when resolving issues amicably is no longer an option.  There are times when it’s time to stand your ground.   Your best interests or your children’s best interests may not allow for an “agreeable” divorce.  As such, it is IMPERATIVE that your lawyer knows how to fight!  Walk softly and carry a big stick!  You can trust that we know how to fight!  You can trust that we been in the trenches and have developed a sterling reputation for being successful in the trenches!  You can trust that we have what it takes to protect your rights, your child’s rights and your family’s vital interests.
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

18 Wheeler Accidents

Jim Sharon Bearden, Jr. was in a double 18 wheeler wreck in 2005.  He personally has experienced the devastation that a catastrophic wreck can have on one's family.

Interstate 10 is used by most drivers in Southeast Texas to travel to and from Beaumont, Orange and Lake Charles.  It is not hard to imagine that with the excessive number of people traveling, with children and other relatives in the car with them, many accidents will occur. 

There are some common sense ways that you can lower the percentage chance that you and your family will be the victims of an accident.  When possible always travel during the day.  At night, people tend to be more tired and it is harder to see at night. 

Also, keep more distance between the vehicle between you and the vehicle in front of you than you would normally do.  Always expect the worst.  Anticipate that the cars in front of you will come to a dead stop because of something on the roadway that you can't see yet.   Keep enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you so that you could potentially slow down, stop, or even in emergency situation exit the highway to avoid being hit from behind.

Obviously, as the driver of a vehicle it is your responsibility to keep the passengers in your car safe.   You can not anticipate every circumstance which may occur.  But applying some basic safety tips can help protect you and your family.

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