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In his 22 years of experience, Mr. Bearden has prosecuted and defended every type of criminal case, from capital murder to felony to misdemeanor. Some of the cases he has taken include a former county attorney, district attorney and judge. By virtue of having the unique experience and knowledge from handing criminal cases from all different sides, Mr. Bearden has the skills and knowledge to provide YOU with superior legal representation.

An Attorney Who Truly Cares

The Bearden Law Firm has been in Orange for decades. Mr. Bearden was born and raised here and accounts for a family tradition of practicing criminal law. He was recently voted the Best Attorney of Orange by the Orange Leader Reader’s Choice awards. His clients recognize his dedicated service and how he goes beyond every case to defend the rights of his Texan clients. When you discuss your case with Mr. Bearden, you will have honest and upfront legal counsel, and no false expectations. Your life and future opportunities are at risk, and you need a knowledgeable ally with you to fight for your rights.

The advisory and representation services provided include the following types of criminal cases:

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