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Compassionate Orange, Texas Child Custody Lawyer

Arguably, custody battles are the most emotional type of case. Custody cases often involve mothers and fathers who love their kids with all of their heart, but each parent’s ability to take care of the child often differs. You need a custody lawyer who understands these issues and one who is willing to fight for you.

For more than 22 years, attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. has worked in marriage dissolution and custody cases in Orange County, Texas. As a father of five children, he knows firsthand how important it is to look after a child’s welfare in all senses. Children also experience radical changes in their lives when their parents’ divorce. At The Bearden Law Firm, Mr. Bearden will fight to protect your children, their rights and interests, and find ways to make the process as smooth as possible for them and for you.

How A Dedicated Lawyer Can Help You

From your first consultation at The Bearden Law Firm, you can expect honest and realistic options for your case. Mr. Bearden’s priority is to protect your child’s best interests and protect your parental rights. Each family has unique needs, and Mr. Bearden is committed to developing a tailored legal solutions suitable to the rights and expectations of the new family.

Mr. Bearden is ready to help you:

  • Determine a parenting plan considering your child’s best interests and your convenience
  • Fight for joint custody if required
  • Achieve custody relocation, if it is the child’s wish or if the custodial parent fails to comply with the parenting plan
  • Determine child support
  • Prove your paternity to establish your visitation rights
  • Fight to protect your child in case of abuse

Mr. Bearden is passionate about protecting children’s rights to grow with both parents and the parents’ rights to be with their children’s lives. Set a solid legal basis now to protect your children and your rights.

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