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When Divorce Is In Your Future, Call A Compassionate Lawyer

Divorces and child custody disputes can be one of the most grueling experiences in someone’s life. When relationships fail, often there are many consequences and issues that follow. Divorces can be relatively simple if the husband and wife have been married for a short amount of time and have no kids. Divorces can be complicated if the parties have been married for a long time and have accumulated a substantial amount of property over the years.

You might be living a stressful situation, but talking to your lawyer should not be a difficult experience. When you discuss your concerns with attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. at The Bearden Law Firm in Orange, he will make sure to answer your questions in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. He will give his honest opinion about your matter, and expectations on what can be done in your case and why. He will also provide you with options about custody arrangements based on his experience and knowledge of family dynamics. You can be assured he will fight for convenient arrangements for your children and yourself.

Skillful Guidance Through Every Step Of Your Marriage Dissolution

The end of a marriage requires a series of steps and legal procedures to follow. When you seek legal guidance at The Bearden Law Firm, Mr. Bearden will make sure you become knowledgeable of all the steps required to dissolve a marriage and what to expect. He will also work on a strategy to protect you and what you care about.

Through his 22 years of experience, Mr. Bearden has helped his clients with the following legal needs:

  • Divorce settlements
  • Separation agreements
  • Annulments
  • Alimony
  • Child custody, support and visitation
  • Paternity testing

He also helps his clients with their various family law needs, which include prenuptial agreements, adoption, surrogacy, and retirement plans and benefits, among other services. The priority is your welfare.

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